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4 Easy and Affordable Ways to Update Your Patio

Warm weather has hit early this year, and that means that patio season is upon us! If your patio isn’t quite the luxurious backyard oasis that you’d like it to be, there are many great and affordable options to spruce it up.

Light Up the Night!

During the summer, a patio transforms into a spacious dining room for entertaining family and friends. On those warm summer nights, you’ll want to light up delicious cuisine and the laughing faces of your guests. Fortunately, there’s no end of lighting options.


You can opt for bistro fairy lights and create an inviting and soft atmosphere. Lights with large bulbs are reminiscent of times gone by, adding that extra stylistic touch!


Midcentury Riviera

Add Ambiance with a Water Feature

Water features are an excellent way of cooling down and stepping up a patio. The melodic trickling of water creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance. Because of it’s versatility and durability, concrete is an excellent choice when picking the perfect water feature.


Concrete water features can be grand, minimalist and modern. Concrete is also becoming increasingly popular for faux rock because it can be molded, textured and colored to exactly replicate the look and feel of real rock formations. Faux rock water features look natural and inviting.


Completed Work

Provide Some Shade and Style with an Umbrella

Enjoying a midday lunch with your family is a key summertime activity! To stay shaded and stylish, you can purchase a funky and fun umbrella. Colorful, artistic umbrellas combine a timeless and elegant structure with a modern, uplifting vibe. An umbrella is to a patio what a rug is to a living room; both unify a space.

Colorful Contemporary Glass Tiled Pool

Get Your Hands Dirty with Some Stylish Gardening

Having a variety of plants adds adventure and beauty to a patio. Why not plant some herbs, such as mint, parsley, rosemary or sage, and have an outdoors kitchen? Concrete cinder blocks are perfect pots for herbs. These cinder blocks can be arranged in unique and fascinating ways. Not to mention recycled concrete cinder blocks minimize waste and therefore, protect the environment!


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