Concrete in Space!

Humanity has come one step closer to colonizing Mars! As interest in Mars grows, so does the desire to escape our globe and explore this uncharted, extra-terrestrial territory. According to MIT, researchers at Chicago’s Northwestern University have moved one step closer to achieving this by constructing a substance similar to concrete using materials from Mars.

Northwestern University researchers created a type of concrete only using sulfur and soil. The sulfur was heated to a high temperature so that it became liquid. At this point, it was mixed with soil to create a concrete substance.

The Martian concrete struggles to maintain its shape on earth. Often it shrinks during the cooling process creating cavities and weakening the mixture. Yet, this isn’t a problem on Mars! The different environmental conditions, such as gravity, atmospheric pressure, and temperature range, mean that this concrete is perfectly suited for building on Mars.

While this discovery has yet to be reviewed and accepted by the scientific community, the researchers are hopeful! They intend to combine the Martian concept with 3-D printing technologies. This combination would allow us to build a variety of structures on Mars!



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