What Does SK Stand For?

By Steve Kraushar, CEO

It’s a question I’ve been asked countless times in 25 years, and one I’m always proud to answer. Every business owner who opens their doors every morning has many good stories in their back pocket, and we are no exception.

SK was founded by my Dad, Terry, in the early 80’s when he opened a small concrete ready-mix plant on the north end of Kelowna. Back then it was just my brother Kevin and I, the oldest of four brothers in our family. The name, SK, stands for ‘Steve and Kevin’, and it is just the beginning of our story.


I spent my teen years batching concrete trucks and filling small U-cart trailers that homeowners would then haul behind their cars and pour themselves. One of my proudest moments was when I hopped on my pedal bike with a backpack full of tools (I couldn’t drive yet) to get to a fully loaded, broken-down concrete truck manned by a driver who didn’t know what to do. I was able to get both him and the truck on their way before the concrete set. When my Dad returned from his holiday he was impressed with what I had done and I also realized how fulfilling the work was to me. It was then I knew my ability to solve problems, work with people and get my hands dirty was the right formula to start my own company to complement the ready-mix plant. Since that day concrete forming and finishing has become my life’s work.

It’s More Than Just Concrete….

Today, the ready-mix plant is closed and my Dad is retired, but SK Form & Finish is stronger than ever. My staff and customers are my highest priority. Everyone that works for SK knows they are valued. We show this by providing hot breakfasts each work day, dinner kits for staff and their families, paid overtime, benefits and a culture of ‘family first.’ Our winning systems and schedule management continues to improve as we grow. It has been an uphill battle to compete in an industry that has a reputation for only caring about the bottom line but we see glimpses of the horizon ahead to remind us every day that we’re on the right path. We’re in a competitive market and we know our customers, many of them home builders, are also making changes to industry. Price is no longer the only factor when partnering with sub-trades and an important part of our story is the pride we take in leading the way.


We know it’s more than just concrete. A beautiful, stamped pool deck becomes a launching pad to soak mom and dad when they’re not looking! A welcoming driveway is a blank canvas for some inspired chalk art. A sunken courtyard patio not only compliments the home, it welcomes friends, laughter, connection…and much needed rest.

SK Form & Finish has spent 25 years building from the ground up; foundations, basement slabs, driveways, and commercial forming and finishing. In doing so, we are fortunate to share our work with some of the finest home builders in BC. We’re most proud that the fine homes and businesses of the Okanagan Valley serve as our portfolio and continue to tell our story. 



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