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It's How We Roll!

This is just ONE great part about being a business owner....watching how my team collaborates on making things better.

This time- it's Estimating and Sales.

It started with an idea around our FIRST IMPRESSION. We wanted our future customers to really understand who we are and why they could trust us with their concrete project. We wanted to 'heat up' the estimate and deliver confidence to our client.

Six months later, Voila!

A beautiful but informative way to deliver a custom project estimate! Our Sales Folder includes a detailed description of the job estimated, the concrete finish types that were discussed between our estimator/client, the concrete warranty information, and our WINNING PROCESS that helps our clients understand what to expect- from the start of breaking ground to final payment. We've included our top three values as well as photos of our lead staff

SK continues to provide excellent customer service and is a leader in the concrete industry.


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