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We Are Creating Safe and Beautiful Pathways that Bring Neighborhoods Together

Our team at SK Form & Finish has taken on a challenging project… one that draws upon the skills and experience of the people who work for us. Even so, building a safe pathway for a West Kelowna community has been a particularly rewarding and enjoyable experience for us.


Located amidst a series of homes, the pathway is only 1.8 meters wide. In addition to this limited space, the pathway is steep. The grade slope is 60% gradient and higher. Furthermore, the path is over a kilometer long and is composed of gravel and other loose rocks. In other words, this is a project that requires much skill in very little space.


“This project has certainly been an interesting challenge,” said our site manager Cody Demoskoff. “The steep and narrow path have required we be creative and carefully plan. For example, many of our machines couldn’t actually drive up the pathway so we carefully planned a sequence of events and used a series of machines. These challenges have been great! After all, it's no fun if it's too easy.”  


Despite the challenges posed, we’re well on our way to creating a safe and attractive pathway. Before we showed up, the pathway was a steep gravel trail with rotting, creosote-soaked wood for steps. Starting at the bottom of the trail, Cody and his team pulled up the creosote and replaced the gravel. After this, a series of concrete steps were laid out. While it isn’t finished, it’ll be a pathway residents can be proud of for decades to come.


“Concrete is incredibly durable,” said Cody. "Concrete hardens over the years, it's kinda like wine in that it gets better with age. This pathway will be around forever. From now on, Local residents will always have a safe, stable and pleasant path to take a good walk or navigate their neighborhood.




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