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3 Reasons Concrete Edging Boosts Your Curb Appeal

Concrete edging can be used to create a myriad of attractive garden features. Whether it’s a meandering sidewalk, resilient curb or raised planter wall, concrete edging promises to offer organization to your garden. It’s also a long-lasting accessory which can perfectly match the theme and color scheme of your yard and house.


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Concrete Edging Lasts A Lifetime (Almost)

Tired of replacing rusted or broken landscape edging? Are you tired of replacing your sidewalk every 5 years?

Concrete edging could be the right option for you because it’s exceptionally long-lasting. Concrete is incredibly strong. Most concrete edging can withstand 3000 psi which means it can stand 300 pounds of force per square inch!

In addition, if integral colors are used in the mixture, and sealer is applied, the color of the concrete edging won’t fade.


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Concrete Edging is Versatile and Attractive

As concrete is an incredibly versatile material, there’s no end of custom colors and patterns to pick from. Your concrete edge can match most landscape textures or colors, including brick and stone. For example, do you want a concrete edge that will match a pathway? Or perhaps a raised planter wall that will perfectly accessorize the walls of your home? With concrete edging, you’re very likely to find the perfect match.

Step Aside Weeds, Concrete Edging Make Gardening Easy

Not only is concrete edging low maintenance, it makes the rest of your garden low maintenance. For example, a concrete border lining your flower beds or walkway halts the creeping invasion of weeds. This results in less time spent labouring away pulling up pesky weeds.

As concrete edging is very resilient, it can also withstand a lawnmower. This means you can mow right next to the curb or on sidewalks making mowing the lawn and gardening much easier!


If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your backyard, creating a neat, organized and polished look, concrete edges are a good bet for you. It’s low maintenance and long lasting. Coming in a range of designs and colors, it’ll also match your garden just right.


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